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Digital Almanac II

Digital Almanac II

The astronomy program with lots of possibilities.

Digital Almanac offers:
  • Star database with ca. 500,000 stars up to 16m.
  • Cross-index for SAO, PPM, HD, YBS und GC catalogs.
  • About 40000 deep-sky objects (Messier, NGC, IC, UGC, Abell, Zwicky and other misc objects).
  • More than 55000 minor planets and asteroids as well as the comets Halley, Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp.
  • Highly accurate calculation of Moon and planets with JPL's integration tables (DE404). Accuracy partly Jovian, Saturnian and Uranian moons.
  • Textures for all planets and moons.
  • Milky way structure.
  • View the sky from any solar system object.
  • Save animations in IFF-ANIM, QuickTime or MPEG format.
  • Loading and saving of configuration files.
  • Highly optimized algorithms for maximum speed, mostly written in assembler. Recognizes CPU for maximum speed.
  • Lots of configuration possibilities.
  • Online and menu help with HELP-key and MUI's bubblehelp.
  • Full Drag&Drop support.
  • Creation and export of ephemeris tables.
  • Picture gallery creation.
  • User editable database of orbital elements.
  • Implemetation of the Hubble GSC starc catalog.
  • Control program with ARexx scripts.

Supported software:
  • CyberGraphX for true/hicolor screens.
  • Xpk system to store images in IFF-RGFX format.
  • Turboprint V3 or higher.

Minimum system configuration:
  • OS 3.0 + AGA
  • MC68020/68881 (FPU required!)
  • 4 MB free FastRAM
  • Harddrive
  • MUI 3.8 (included)

Recommended system configuration:
  • OS 3.1
  • MC68040 or MC68060
  • 16 MB FastRAM
  • Graphic card with CyberGraphX 3.x/4.x

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