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Amiga Future 86

Amiga Future 86

Out of print. A PDF copy is available on the Amiga Future Archive DVD.

Amiga Future 86 is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).


NTP Commander, FreeDink, Gianas Return, Gish, Ooze, Archmage, BosWars, A/Nes Pro, AAMP, Gimp, Digital Universe, MorphOS 2.5, Timberwolf, ffmeggui, ScreenRecorder.


Rhinghio, C-Workshop Part 3

Amiga Retrospective PArt 20

Interview Petro Tyschtschenko, Show Report Amiga Event Essen, Show Report VCF UK, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Tamar Herald, Imprint, CoverCD Content, Letters to the editor, Preview.

Cover CD Contents:

Alien Drug Lords: The Chyropian Connection, Fire Brigade II: The Destruction Of Army Group Center, Fire-Brigade: The Battle for Kiev - 1943, Mavi, NTP Commander, Pocoman, The Ancient Art Of War In The Skies

Public Domain:
  • AROS: arosbattleships, protrekkr-aros, ruby-1.8.7, ...
  • Classic: A71Mail, ADPCM_dec, Africa, aic78xx.device, AmiArcadia, AmiArcadiaSP, AmiUpdateSP, Angolos, BBS-Addv2, BitchX-11, Blitz_lucy, Blitz_SGC, Bordo, Brikon, bzip2_68k, c2b, cabextract, Cluster_DemoEditor, Cluster_Modules, Cluster_Space, Cluster_SprachReport, Commander, Empire, EP_JHippel7V, EP_Mugician2, execlibrary, FC2_1A, Flecho, getvideo, GQ2, IconLib_46.4, Installer, ira, iView, lha-114i-68k, LineBloks, LLAD_com, lucyplay5, lzmautils-68k, MCC_TextEditor-15.34, NetSurf-m68k, ntp_commander_2.2, p7zip-9.13-m68k, powder, PPC-Memtest, ReportPlus, Saga, SamplesCreator, SimpleFTP_KeyGen, SpaceBB, Super_Tron, SWOS_PL_2010-2011, ti99basic, TilesScrollDemo, TrackerHeroAGA, TrackerHeroIcon, TrackerHero_STH-01, Trapezik, wavpack_68k, Wazp3D, WeatherCheck, ...
  • MorphOS: AmiArcadiaMOS, aquaria-morphos, cabextract_MOS, frobTADS-mos, GoatTracker-morphos, HyperCannon_mos, lame-morphos, packultimate_160beta, TADS2510-mos, ...
  • OS4: AmiArcadia_OS4, amichess, amiupdate_french, amiupdate_german, blu_manager, boswars, cdxlplay, cabextract_OS4, crapgamesvol20, ffmpeg, ffmpeggui, freeciv-sdl, gimp, gimp-loaders-2, handy, lameomat, libiconv, neopopsdl, owb, skinnableclock, starwars, virtualjaguar, xmoto ...

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