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Amiga Future 82

Amiga Future 82

Out of print. A PDF copy is available on the Amiga Future Archive DVD.

Amiga Future 82 is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).


AmigaOS 4 Update 1, Maniac Mansion - Day for the Tentacle, Space Shooter, Bordo, SimuTrans, The Mana World, Open TTD, Reminiscence.

AresOne, CDTV.

Cairo part 2.

Law case Amiga Inc - Hyperion, AROS News, Sinclair QL, SQL, Amiga Retrospective part 16, The Girlfriend in the Office.

Interview Markus Weiß, Interview Carlos Peris, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2date, The Herald of Tamar, Cheats, Walk-trough Discworld, Imprint, CoverCD Contents, Letters to the Editor, Preview.

CD Contents:

Scavenger 1, Scavenger 2, Maddog, Quasar Wars, Jelly o Chelly, Shroom, Gammon, Sneech, Piles o Tiles, Peg it Classic, 6th Sense, Samplitude, Dead Metal, TrackerHero, previously unreleased bonus material by Bernhard Aichinger and the brand new demo version of Desert Racing.

Public Domain:
BDaeshXPack, biniax2.i386-aros, codesets-6.9, DisLib, ed.i386-aros, edgar-0.32-morphos, frogsofwar_os4, JoinSplitter, JumpingAround, MMULib, moleinvasion_os4, MultiRen, OpenJazz-Os3, passwd, pig-m68k-amigaos, ReportPlus, sed.i386-aros, splashlauncher, UTF-8, WarpBMPdt, WarpJPEGdt, WarpPNGdt, wizznic_os4, zoomit, zunecalc, and many more

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