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Amiga Future 76

Amiga Future 76

Out of print. A PDF copy is available on the Amiga Future Archive DVD.

Amiga Future 76 was the tenth issue of Amiga Future that was available in German and English (both editions are otherwise identical).


AmigaOS 4.1, SAM440ep, NetPanzer, Eliminator, MultiRen, NoWinEd, AmiCygnix, AISS, AISSView, AISSAnimShow, Opus 4, Monitor, keyboard interface Amiga 1200.

Amiga Retrospective Part 10, Extraleben.

Modding - GTI Amiga, Report Meeting Halle, Interview Claus Desler, Interview Gareth Murfin, Solution In Shadow of Time Part 2, Imprint, CoverCD Content, Letters to the Editor, Preview, Editorial, Content, News, Up2Date, The Tamar Herald, Cheats.

CD Contents:

Full Versions:
In Shadow of Time, Imbiss, Symbolrechner, Plix, Dia Archiv, Taron im Abenteuerland.

Public Domain:
Africa, aiss45, barrage, battle-pong.i386, BTCE, ChangeIt_06, CompareDirs_OS4, crapgamesvol7_os4, crapgamesvol8_os4, crapgamesvol9_os4, crimsonfields_os4, cyclone, dact_os4, dates2ical, dd2.i386-aros, DirectoryOpus-4.18.12, dopus4-morphos, DOpusFix, Entombed_OS3, filesplit_os4, fimp_os4, fixpage, FKeyPlus, Flog, frogsofwar_os4, gfx3dlib_31_src,, highmoon_os4, IFF2rexx, iso-o-matic-os3, iso-o-matic, Komi_68k, kuklomenos.i386-aros, lzop-1.02rc1.tar, lzop-68k, lzop_os4, MakeList, mkfile, moleinvasion_os4, MultiRen, oilwar-1.2.1-m68k, otrMUI, Pegs_OS3, Pui4Cli, rrootage-os4, rrootage, rxlistview, Saga, SayToy, sm4mzx, SoliTri, sqlite-3.6.1-amiga, svg_dt, T1ManagerM, TotalChaosAGAr6, ttt-os3, WarpOSEmu, WarpSCUMM_0_2_0, WarpSDL_0_4usr and many more.

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