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Amiga Future 68

Amiga Future 68

Out of print. A PDF copy is available on the Amiga Future Archive DVD.

AF 68 was the second issue of Amiga Future that was available in German and English (both editions are otherwise identical).


MyX11 Setup, Cygnix Server Environment, AWeb, The Digital Universe, WinAROS, Shuffle, Astro Marine Corps, Psyria - The 2. Chapter, Leaving Teramis, Krypton Egg, OS4 Depot Spiele, Shadow of the Beast, ScummVM

Scene - Jim Butterfield, Flight Simulator, Laser Printers, Crazy USB Devices

Minimig, Samsung SyncMaster 245B TFT

Fair Reports:
Codex Alpe Adria

Datatypes Part 2, Amithlon

Interview Marcin Kwiatkowski (Sputnik), Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Tales of Tamar, Walktrough Rick Dangerous 2 Part 4, Cheats, Readers Letters, CoverCD Content, Imrint, Preview

CD Contents:

Full Versions:
Starbirds, AGDB, Mikro Mortal Tennis, Excellent Card Games 1, Excellent Card Games 2, Excellent Card Games 3, Serious Backgammon, Doktor, Blast Squad (previously unreleased), Robossy, Puzzo Mania, Zerberk, Minerunner, Poweroids, Star Defender, Monster of Terror, Equality, Technoball OCS, Technoball AGA, Tronic

Public Domain:
AmigaSYS3Plus, AMIthlon_CD, aros, Datatypes, newkernel, newkernel2, scummvm-010, toaros, WinAros062007, WinArosDeveloper062007, winarosstart, and much more...

Cheats, Screenshots...

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