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Accelerator Card ACA-500

For Amiga 500 Feat. 68EC000/14 MHz and 2 MB RAM

Discontinued, will be replaced by the ACA-500plus card.

The ACA-500 is a low budget accelerator card for the Amiga 500. It comes with a 68EC000-10 processor and 2 MB of FastMem. (The memory is added on top of internal memory expansions up to 1.8 MB FastMem, so those can still be used together with the ACA-500.)

The most interesting aspects for retro gamers are the included software and the Compact Flash slots:

The ACA-500 comes with licences for the most important Kickstart versions, i.e. 1.3 and 3.1. (Kickstarts images can be loaded from Flash-ROM or Compact Flash card.) Kickstart 1.3 allows you to run old diskette programs that are not compatible with newer Kickstart versions, while Kickstart 3.1 is the best choice for more current, hard disk based software.

The Compact Flash slots allow booting from CF card or mounting PC-formatted cards for easy and convenient data transfer. For example, you can boot the system from an Amiga-formatted CF card in one slot and then copy ADF images from a PC-formatted CF card in the other slot. The FAT95 file system to read/write PC-formatted cards is included in the Flash-ROM, so you don't even have to install additional software. (Hotplugging is not supported.)

In case the 68EC000 CPU and 2 MB of memory are not enough, you can easily expand the ACA-500 by adding an accelerator card like the ACA-1220, ACA-1232 or ACA-1233 card, and you'll instantly have a 020/030-based system with plenty of RAM!


  • 68EC000-10 clocked at 14 MHz (i.e. double A500 clock)
  • 2 MB of physical RAM, entirely available for applications (minus 512 KB if MapROM is used)
  • external expansion, no need to open the A500
  • two Compact Flash card slots (each one of them bootable and able to read/write Amiga or PC formatted cards)
  • trapdoor memory expansions up to 1.8 MB FastMem still work (including RTC)
  • ChipMem expansions still work
  • custom expansion port for local hardware (14 MHz 16-bit, double Zorro speed)
  • clock port for hardware expansions, e.g. for Silversurfer or Catweasel Mk2
  • optionally expandable by adding an ACA-1220 / ACA-1232 / ACA-1233 card
  • licensed Kickstart ROM images 1.3 and 3.1 included in Flash-ROM
  • FAT95 file system also included in Flash-ROM
  • 64-bit device drivers allow you to use cards with capacities of more than 4GB (file system limitations still apply, so you may need to partition accordingly)
  • full WHDload compatibility incl. Quit key!
  • Please note: The ACA-500 does currently not work with NTSC boards or rev.3 boards of the Amiga 500. ACA-1220 cards made prior to September 6, 2013 require a firmware upgrade to work with the ACA-500.

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