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ACA-1221 Budget 68020 Accelerator Card

for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 with ACA-500

The Basics

The ACA-1221 is a low cost accelerator card for the Amiga 1200 and the Amiga 500 with ACA-500 or ACA-500plus expansion, mostly aimed at classic gamers. The basic configuration comes with 68020 CPU that can be configured to run at 9.46 MHz or 17.03 MHz. Since it offers 9 MB RAM right from the start and mere 8 MB expansion cards are usually more expensive than the ACA-1221, there's hardly any excuse left not to upgrade your Amiga right away. :-)

The Upgrades

The ACA-1221 takes a new approach regarding upgrades. Future upgrades are basically already present on the card, and the customer can buy a licence code to activate additional memory, overclock the CPU or enable the MapROM function. Upgrade options can be tried by the user at no cost. Up to ten trial runs of unlimited time can be made, so overclocking stability can be verified before actually purchasing the licence code.

Technical Data

  • Processor: full MC68020, plastic PGA package, 16.67 MHz rating, used processors that are possibly scratched
  • Memory: 9 MByte, expandable to 17 MByte, 33 MByte or 63 MByte at extra cost
  • Speed: 9.46 MHz or 17.03 MHz user-settable (standard with all cards)
  • Overclocking options: 21.28 MHz or 28.38 MHz at extra cost
  • MapROM: 1 MByte MapROM option at extra cost

ChipMem access speed has been greatly improved in comparison to the ACA-1220, which will help eliminating the so-called "Turrican slowdowns" and other WHDload game hickups. Although the card is running asynchronously to the A1200, synchronous ChipMem speed can be achieved.

ACA-1221 with RTC module and RapidRoad USB interface

Expansion Ports

The ACA-1221 features a generic clock port for the real time clock module or any clock port device. This clock port is a straight copy of the internal A1200 clock port. One RTC module and one other clockport device may be used concurrently (but not two clockport devices). This is very useful for A1200 boards that do not have the correct clockport assembly (early commodore boards).

The second clock port on the card was designed especially for RapidRoad: It is considerably faster than the standard clock port and thus allows higher USB transfer rates. There is also a power connector for RapidRoad which lets the user install a USB card without opening the computer. This port may also be used for a Subway USB controller.

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