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Raspberry Pi Geek (UK) #01

Raspberry Pi Geek #01

Tune Your Pi!

Dieses Heft ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich, daher hier auch die Inhaltsangabe in Englisch:

If an application you need runs too slow on your Pi, it is time to start tuning. The inaugural issue of Raspberry Pi Geek looks at techniques for improving Raspberry Pi system performance. Other articles focus on cool hardware projects and innovative applications for the Raspberry Pi environment. Regular columns cover game building in Scratch, Raspberry Pi education tools, and gardening with Arduino.

On the DVD/CD: Best Rasp Pi Distros ever!


Raspberry Pi Performance Tuning
The versatile Linux system running on your Raspberry Pi offers many possibilities for performance improvements. We'll show you how to overclock the system, maximize available memory, and speed up access to storage drives.

Rasp Pi Operating Systems
We round up some popular operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, including Raspbian, Pidora, Arch Linux, PiBang, RISC OS, and some leading multimedia systems.

We show you how to build a simple web interface for Raspberry Pi using the Bootstrap web development toolkit.

Safe Shutdown Switch
Too many users unplug their Rasp Pi systems without an orderly system shutdown. A simple switch will do the job automatically.

Building a Game in Scratch
Learn how to create a simple computer game using the easy and super-intuitive Scratch programming language.

Rasp Pi as a Wireless Print Server
Your old USB printer still works wonderfully, but you miss the convenience of a modern wireless printer. Raspberry Pi to the rescue.

Raspberry Pi Jukebox
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a network-enabled music player.

Remote Control your Rasp Pi
Discover RaspCTL, a handy app that lets you control your Pi from across the web.

Use your Rasp Pi as a Remote
Crack the code on a remote control device, then set up a Raspberry Pi to act as the remote.

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