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Amiga Developer CD 2.1

AMIGA Developer CD 2.1

Um diese CD richtig benutzen zu können, sind Englischkenntnisse unabdingbar. Daher an dieser Stelle auch die englische Beschreibung:

This CD contains all the material you need to start developing software for Amiga computers:
  • The new 3.5 Native Developer Kit:
    • Updated and revised `C' and assembly language header files and linker libraries
    • Updated and revised system documentation and tutorial texts
  • Example code covering the AmigaOS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.5 features
  • The NewIFF v39 package
  • The AmigaGuide adn DataType documentation and example code
  • WarpUP (PowerPC) developer documentation and examples

Additional developer material:
  • BOOPSI gadget and image classes
  • ReActor BOOPSI toolkit and example code
  • The AmigaOS 2.04 example code, as part of the original 2.04 Native Developer Kit
  • The RKM 2.04 code examples
  • Tables listing which operating system modules were added, removed or updated in subsequent AmigaOS releases
  • The complete set of registered IFF forms
  • IFF example and stress test files
  • All IFF packages released by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., covering 1986 through 1992
  • The camd v37.1 MIDI developer kit
  • The SANA-II standard package and developer kit
  • The Installer v43.3 package
  • The CDTV developer disks

International support material:
  • Sample text using the full ISO-8859-1 character set
  • Translation guidelines

Reference material:
  • The collection of Amiga Mail Volume 1 articles, covering Spring 1987 through January/February 1989
  • The complete Amiga Mail Volume 2 articles in AmigaGuide format, covering January/February 1990 through March/April 1993; also included are the printable issues in PostScript and PageStream format
  • The Includes & Autodocs in AmigaGuide format
  • Revised Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manuals in AmigaGuide format
  • HTML versions of all AmigaGuide format manuals

Historical developer material:
  • DevCon Disks (1988-1993)
  • The CD32 developer package
  • 1.3, 2.0, 3.1 Native Developer Kits

Packages contributed by 3rd parties:
  • The StormC 68K C/C++ developer package
  • The WBPath and ActionFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel
  • The Personal Paint, CopyIcon, MailBX and DirDiff packages, courtesy of Cloanto
  • The INet 225 developer kit, version 2, courtesy of Interworks, Inc.
  • The Picasso96 developer kit, courtesy of Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt
  • The Miami SDK, version 2.1, courtesy of Nordic Global, Inc.
  • The CyberGraphX V4 developer kit, courtesy of Frank Mariak
  • The MMUlib package, courtesy of Thomas Richter; this package includes the MuForce tool which is derived from the Enforcer package developed by Mike Sinz (see below)
  • The Kiskometer and MakeCD packages, courtesy of Angela Schmidt and Patrick Ohly
  • The Enforcer v37.64, courtesy of Mike Sinz
  • The Envoy v3.0 developer kit, courtesy of Heinz Wrobel
  • The Wipeout, Blowup and Sashimi debugging tools and the "CheckGuide" AmigaGuide file syntax checker written by Olaf Barthel

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