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Amiga Future 165 (November/December 2023Thu, 02 Nov 2023 13:09:17 (UTC)
Amiga Future 165 released
Joystick ArcadeRTue, 30 May 2023 10:12:01 (UTC)
In stock: ArcadeR Joystick

Terrible Fire 536 Turbo 2000 Super Wireless Gamepad Furia EC020
Terrible Fire 536
The Terrible Fire 536 accelerator has been designed to be installed inside Amiga 500/500+ computers. It comes with a Motorola 68030 CPU clocked at 50 MHz, 64 MB of RAM, and a 2.5" IDE connector for hard drives and CF adapters. >>
Turbo 2000 Super
Wireless joypad dongle combo to unleash gaming joy on consoles and computers with Atari-compatible DB9 joystick port. The gamepad is available in four different designs inspired by various models of the 8 and 16 bit era. >>
Furia EC020
Furia EC020 is an accelerator card for Amiga 600 computers. It comes with a Motorola 68EC020/33 MHz CPU & 68882/40 MHz FPU and features 9.5 MB of on-board memory. The quick memory access makes the A600 more than ten times faster compared to a stock model. >>
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Joystick ArcadeR schwarz Joystick ArcadeR translucent Joystick ArcadeR light blue
ArcadeR black
ArcadeR, the joystick of arcade quality, made of modern and sturdy components. >>
ArcadeR clear
The ArcadeR joystick is available in many different colours, for example in translucent... >>
ArcadeR light blue
...or light blue. All features besides the colours are the same for all ArcadeR joysticks. >>
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Workbench 3.1 Amiga Forever 10 Dust Cover for Amiga 1200
Workbench 3.1
Workbench 3.1 has been re-released by Cloanto, available as a set of six floppy disks or as Compact Flash edition. A few bug fixes and some careful enhancements aside, this version resembles the original operating system as distributed by Commodore. >>
Amiga Forever 10
The new Premium Edition of Amiga Forever comes on three DVDs and contains plenty of material covering the history of the Amiga platform. It also comes with a comprehensive software environment enabling you to run Amiga programs on your PC. >>
Amiga Covers
High quality dust covers with UV absorbent added - protect your precious Amiga against dust and yellowing! Available for several Amiga models. (Covers for other classic computers also available.) >>
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CF Edition: EUR 16.90 View item
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