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Vesalia in Social Networks:

We are currently maintaining the following accounts in social networks: The contents posted to the different services are identical for the most part. Twitter gets an exact copy of items we post to (*), Facebook and Diaspora* usually have additional images. Google Buzz is merely an aggregator featuring a mash-up of the different sources.

(*) We prefer to Twitter due to its openness and its availability via XMPP (making it also usable with the Amiga, an XMPP client like Jabberwocky is sufficient to send and receive posts).

If you are a member of any of those services, we'd be happy to have you as our friend or follower.

Links to our Site

If you'd like to link to our site (or to one of our product pages) from your site, please feel free to do so. We'd only like you to pay attention to a few points that might help you doing so:

Important: Choose the right URL

We are holding several domains, but only is the official one, so please use this domain when linking to our site.

You should not use a link such as, because those URLs were never intended to exist permanently, they are only temporary and might be invalid soon. You can find the correct bookmark URL(s) on the bottom of each page, only those links are permanent ones (and they look a lot better, too).


Here is a selection of graphics you might want to use when linking to our site:

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