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Art Effect 4.0

ArtEffect 4.0

Digital image processing and natural media painting

ArtEffect 4 is a powerful graphics package for all tasks of digital image processing and is perfectly suited for improving scanned images. In conjunction with a graphics tablet, the extensive amount of painting tools can be used to simulate natural painting with brush, airbrush, charcoal or oilpaint. Thanks to the layers provided by ArtEffect, image composition is easy and efficient. A dedicated text layer and automatic creation of shadows are only a few of the many possible special effects. Even buttons and banners for web pages can be created easily thanks to the powerful functions of ArtEffect.

Processing of scanned images
Colour correction, sharpen, smoothing, removal of small visual glitches, more than 40 filters plus a filter generator, cloner tool.

Tools for your creativity
Paint using realistic brushes, airbrush, charcoal, oilpaint, many creative effect filters, colour gradient manager, brushmanager featuring many brush tips and effect shapes.

Image composition
Extensive layer functions (unlimited number, moveable, process layers), dedicated text layer (text remains editable), automatic generation of shadows, several alpha channels per image, powerful stencil functions (including lasso, colour selection, magic wand), light-table function.

Creation of WWW images
TrueColor, greyscale, indexed colours (2-256 colours), JPG, PNG and other formats, Floyd-Steinberg dithering.

What else:
Access to ARexx macros, support for graphics tablets in conjunction with optional drivers, supporting pen pressure, brush width, etc., multiple undo/redo, virtual memory management.

System requirements:
Amiga with 68020 CPU or better, AmigaOS 3.x, 8+ MB RAM, HDD.


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Art Effect 4.0 incl. German manual (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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Art Effect 4.0 incl. German manual (Amiga/CD-ROM)Art Effect 4.0 incl. German manual (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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