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Commodore / Accessories / Dust Covers

Translucent dust cover for Commodore 64

Dust Covers for Commodore 64

High quality dust cover with UV absorbent added - protect your precious Commodore 64 against dust and yellowing!

Transparente Staubschutzhaube für Commodore 64

The "Breadbin" version can be used with all Commodore 64 models except the C64C. It can also be used with Commodore 16 and VIC-20. The C64C version can only be used with the C64C ("C64-II", flat wedge-shaped design).


Item Price in EUR
Dust Cover for Commodore 64 ("Breadbin") Only 2 unit(s) left:
Dust Cover for Commodore 64 ("Breadbin"), VIC-20, C16, translucent
26.90 Add item to your order
Dust Cover for Commodore 64C ("C64-II") Only 2 unit(s) left:
Dust Cover for Commodore 64C ("C64-II"), translucent
26.90 Add item to your order
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