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Vampire 1200 (Prototype)


The Vampire 1200 card is not yet available, there's neither a confirmed delivery date nor a fixed price. (The price tag is an estimate and subject to change.) You can, however, already place an order here, this helps us to gauge the interest in this card. And in case the demand will exceed the supply (which is to be expected), the time when this reservation was made will determine the position in the shipping queue.


  • Apollo 68080 CPU
  • Performance is application dependent: up to ~ 1000 MHz 68030 / 500 MHz 68040 / 250 MHz 68060 speed
  • 128 MB memory
  • FastKick
  • FastIDE/CompactFlash controller 13 MB/s
  • SD card for data exchange
  • Expansion ports (e.g. Wifi module)

Please note: If you place an order now, all you will get is an order confirmation, the actual card is not available at this time. Please don't make a payment until you are asked to do so (which won't happen before the card is really close to being released).


Item Price in EUR
Vampire 1200 V2+ Accelerator Card for Amiga... Vampire 1200 V2+ Accelerator Card for Amiga 1200 PRE-ORDER - JUST TO GAUGE INTEREST, NO ACTUAL PURCHASE!
This product is currently not available (ETA: 2020).
to be announced
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