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Kargon Titel


Role-Playing Game for Amiga

Kargon is a totally new challenge! Up to four players at the same time can measure up to each other, to determine who is the biggest magician amongst themselves. This is a captivating hunt through endless catacombs and dungeons, teeming with traps and monsters. Only through purposeful choice of your magig spells and weapons will you arrive at your destination: survival!

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot

The game is an amazing combination of a traditional dungeon role-playing game and a multi-player game. Up to four players can fight against each other, or just let the computer be your opponent. Every player gets a quarter of the screen, in which he can see his position in the dungeon. You play one out of ten mighty mages, and your aim is to steal all your opponents' life energy, which you can see under screen quarter as a red bar. You can do this by casting several spells or by using magical artifacts. Every spell costs an amount of the testing energy, which is represented by the yellow bar. It regenerates after a certain time. The game ends for the player who lost all its life energy. The only player who remains is the winner.

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot

Technical Requirements
You can start 'Kargon' on every PAL-Amiga with at least 1 MB of memory, please take care, however, that you do not waste any CHIP-memory (e.g. by using a second or even third disk drive) unless you have more than enough of it :) If you have more than 512K CHIP-memory there will be several animations more. Take care that you turn off running screen-savers so that your screen does not show some undefined data after a certain time.

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot

Amiga-Games 6/96 Preview:
"Endless possibilities, user friendly controls and big fun to play is what accredits Kargon."
"Promises once more to become an addictive hit."
"If you love 3D dungeons and if Dynablaster became an addiction, you can now look forward to a captivating mixture of both types of game."
"The pre-history of Kargon is being presented in an optically pleasing Intro."
Amiga-Games 8/96: 84%
Amiga-Special 2/3/97: An outstanding game! Beware, addictive!

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot

System Requirements:
  • AmigaOS 1.3 or higher
  • 1 MB RAM
  • HDD is supported but not required
  • ECS or AGA chipset

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot

Kargon Screenshot  Kargon Screenshot


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