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Commodore / Hardware

RR-Net Mk3

RR-Net Mk3

10 MBit Network Cartidge for C64

The successor of the well-known RR-Net comes with more connection options than any cartridge before:

RR-Net Mk3 with MMC Replay RR-Net Mk3 directly connected to the mightiest computer ever :-)
RR-Net Mk3 with MMC Replay RR-Net Mk3 connected to C64

RR-Net Mk3 was designed to fit into a standard cartridge case together with a Turbo Chameleon 64 or an MMC Replay cartridge.

RR-Net Mk3 with Turbo Chameleon 64
RR-Net Mk3 with Turbo Chameleon 64

RR-Net Mk3 is based on the 10MBit Crystal LAN chip which makes it compatible to all existing C64 network programs: Contiki, Codenet, Warp Copy.

IMPORTANT: RR-Net Mk3 MUST NOT be used with a cartridge port expander, using an expander can damage the hardware! RR-Net Mk3 can only be operated connected directly to the C64 (or mounted on a Turbo Chameleon 64 or MMC Replay, respectively).

The SX64 is not supported.

The images with the green PCB show prototype versions. The actual sales version looks slightly different and comes with a blue PCB.


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RR-Net Mk3 RR-Net Mk3, 10 MBit Network Cartridge for Commodore 64/Chameleon
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RR-Net Mk3RR-Net Mk3, 10 MBit Network Cartridge for Commodore 64/Chameleon
EUR 59.90 Add item to your order

This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).

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