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RHEM 3 - The Secret Library


The Secret Library

RHEM 3: The Secret Library continues the story of its two predecessors RHEM 1 and RHEM 2 The Cave, but can of course also be played without having played the previous two titles. Your task is to once again help the brothers Kales and Zetais to discover a new part of their fascinating world. After you have found a letter from Zetais with instructions you start the journey to Rhem once again. On your arrival you meet Kales who has discovered that a mysterious artefact, a black gem, is hidden somewhere on Rhem. Because the doorway must be opened by two persons but remains open just long enough for only one person to slip through, you are the only one accessing this new part of the island. Again, on your own you must uncover these new secrets of Rhem.

RHEM 3 Snapshot  RHEM 3 Snapshot

You will soon find out that the mysterious black gem is not the only mystery on Rhem. You will discover new passages to unknown but also to familiar and well-known places on Rhem. To find the black gem you must for one uncover the hints hidden in the secret library. But you will also need the help of some other characters to solve all the mysterious of Rhem. Some of these characters, like the redcapped Cavemen, you already met in "Rhem 2". But this time they will ask something of you in return for their help.

RHEM 3 Snapshot  RHEM 3 Snapshot

RHEM 3: The Secret Library sets you into a huge, fantastic world full of strange vehicles and buildings, unknown mechanisms and machines, secret passages and doorways. Adventuresomeness, logic, attentivness and the ability to solve engimas will help the player to slowly but surely unveil the mystery of this new adventure on Rhem. Everywhere on Rhem you can find hints and solutions that will help you to unveil some of the strange enigmas and puzzles in Rhem 3. And remember, finding the black gem can be the final discovery in Rhem 3, but it doesn't have to...

RHEM 3 Snapshot  RHEM 3 Snapshot

The principle of the game corresponds with graphic adventures (pre-calculated first person view). The virtual world is shown through the eyes of the players. The environment consists of individual pictures covering a 360-degree view. Navigation takes place through going forward, turning left/right, etc. In principle, each standpoint has four views. In the virtual world, one must have in advance different puzzles to unlock, representing both collection and use.

  • a fascinating world full of mindbending mysteries and puzzles
  • many hidden rooms and secret passages are waiting for you
  • atmospheric sound and music with stereo environment sound
  • non violent, non linear gameplay
  • available for Mac and PC

System Requirements:
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.2.8 - Mac OS X 10.4.10; 500 MHz G3, G4, G5, IntelCore; 256 MB RAM; 16 MB Video Card; (depends on version) CD-ROM or DVD-ROM; mouse, keyboard; 800x600 32 bit; Hard Drive Space: 700 MB
  • Windows: Windows 2000/XP/Vista; 500 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon; 256 MB RAM; 16 MB Video Card; (depends on version) CD-ROM or DVD-ROM; mouse, keyboard; Display: 800x600 32 bit; Hard Drive Space: 700 MB

See also RHEM and RHEM 2 - The Cave.

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RHEM 3 - The Secret Library USK 0 RHEM 3 - The Secret Library, adventure game for Macintosh and PC (Mac, PC/CD-ROM)
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RHEM 3 - The Secret LibraryRHEM 3 - The Secret Library, adventure game for Macintosh and PC (Mac, PC/CD-ROM)
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