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Miniature Computer w/ BCM2835 ARM11 700 MHz and 512 MB RAM

The ODROID-W is a miniature computing module which is fully compatible with all software available for the Raspberry Pi.

The W stands for:
  • Wearable device development
  • Widely applicable Internet of Things (IoT) development
  • Workable DIY electronics prototyping

Size comparison RPi vs. ODROID-W

The ODROID-W measures a very small 60 mm x 36 mm x 7 mm (2.4" x 1.4" x 0.3"). New features and improvements over the original Raspberry Pi:
  • Li+ rechargeable battery charger and fuel gauge for portables, wearable and robots application
  • Real time clock (RTC) to keep accurate time without an Internet connection by just adding a coin battery
  • 12-bit precision ADC to measure the dynamic voltage signals via two single-ended inputs
  • DC/DC step-down converters for higher power efficiency
  • DC/DC step-up converter for 5 Volt rails (USB host and HDMI) from a Li-Polymer battery
  • USB Host port can be placed on top or bottom as preferred
  • DIY-friendly 0.1 inch/2.54 mm pitch IO connector (up to 32 GPIO ports) for handy prototyping

Please note that there is no Ethernet port.


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ODROID-W Miniature Computer w/ BCM2835 ARM11... ODROID-W Miniature Computer w/ BCM2835 ARM11 700 MHz and 512 MB RAM
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ODROID-W Miniature Computer w/ BCM2835 ARM11...ODROID-W Miniature Computer w/ BCM2835 ARM11 700 MHz and 512 MB RAM
EUR 34.95 Add item to your order

This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).

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