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Subway USB Subway USB Controller Card

USB-Controller for Amiga 1200 compatible clockports

Technical data:
  • compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 specification (no highspeed mode)
  • integrated 4-port hub
  • all ports are protected against overvoltage and short circuit
  • integrated power management on port by port base
  • power saving 3.3V technology
  • compatible with all 68030/040/060 and PPC turbo cards
  • no mechanical problems with Amiga 1200 bus boards
  • compatible with all Amiga 1200 tower housings
  • standard Amiga 1200 clockport connector
  • works with all Amiga 1200 compatible clockports (the A600 memory expansion A604 even features a dedicated clockport for Subway with 60% speed gain)

  • integration into AmigaOS via system conform drivers
  • comfortable control of commodity driver by hotkeys
  • driver for USB mouse, keyboard, serial and parallel interface
  • further drivers (webcam, digicam) also by third companies under development

Subway USB Controller Card Package contents:
  • 1 Subway USB controller card
  • 1 10cm clockport flat ribbon cable
  • 2 holding plates with two USB connectors each
  • 1 licence for Poseidon USB stack
  • 1 detailed installation manual

System requirements:
  • Amiga OS 3.1 or higher
  • Processor 68030 (25 MHz) or higher
  • 100% compatible Amiga 1200 clockport
  • power supply with 2.0 Ampere minimum on 5V (each used USB port will use a maximum of 500mA, depending on connected device)
(The alternative USB stack Links opens in new window/tabANAIIS allows to use the Subway module with Amiga OS 1.1+ on a mere 68000/~7 MHz. This stack is not officially supported, though.)

See also: Deneb USB Controller for Amiga computers w/ Zorro-II/III

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