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Amiga OS 3.9

Amiga OS 3.9

Get boinged!

OS 3.9 Functions

  • Multimedia programs (MP3 player, AVI & QT player, new CD player)
  • Web browser AWEB 3.4 SE (new version)
  • GENESIS (full Internet and network access)
  • AmiDOCK (new program start bar)
  • WarpOS 5.0 (new version)
  • IomegaTools (for Zip and Jaz)
  • new powerful Shell (with extensive prefs)
  • automatic datatype recognition
  • integrated unpacker (lha, lzx, dms, zip...)
  • fast search (search for, and in files)
  • new picture datatype (PPC-optimized)
  • many new Tools (ASLPrefs, new Info requester, new watch, font cache, new color wheel, etc.)
  • extensive HTML documentation (in English and German)
This list only shows the main features of Amiga OS 3.9.

System Requirements

AmigaOS 3.9's hardware requirements are identical to that of Amiga OS 3.5. AmigaOS 3.9 is a software-only Update w/o ROMs (however, it requires Kickstart 3.1 ROMs to operate!)

AmigaOS 3.9 is the update for Amiga OS 3.5 -- but it can also be installed directly on top of an Amiga OS 3.1 system.

Minimum Requirements:
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Hard drive
  • 68020 or higher processor
  • Amiga 3.1 ROMs (version 40.xx)
  • 6 MB Fast RAM
For improved performance, we recommend:
  • 68030 or higher processor
  • 8 MB Fast RAM
  • Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler
  • Modem
To take full advantage of OS 3.9 we also recommend you add the following:
  • 68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • 32 MB Fast RAM
  • I/O Accelerator

Amiga OS 3.9 Screenshot

Features of AmigaOS 3.9

AsyncWB - adds asynchronous copying and delete functionality to Workbench

ACTION - AVI & Quicktime Player
plays AVI and Quicktime videos
highly optimized 68k version

AMPlifier - MP3/WAV/AIFF Player
plays MP3, WAV, and AIFF sound files
paulaaudio.device (there is no need to install AHI)

MPEGA.Library - Software MP3 Decoder
68k and PPC version

PlayCD - New CD Player
plays music CDs
new animated skin system

CacheCDFS - CD ROM Support (*3.5)
CacheCDFS - CD-ROM File System
ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win 95/98) and MAC HFS compatible
supports Amiga protection bit and file comments
MultiSession CD-ROM support
CDFSPrefs - Preferences tool for CacheCDFS
BootCacheCDFS - Loads CacheCDFS reset resident for JumpStart
Autoboot InstallCDFS - Installer script for easy installation of CD-ROMs
FindDevice - Tool to search for connected CD-ROM drives

AWEB 3.4 Special Edition - Internet Browser
works online and offline
supports HTML 3.0 and most of HTML 4.0
supports JavaScript

Internet / Network Access - TCP/IP Stack
connects your Amiga to the Internet
easy selection of Internet Service Providers
connects to other computers (LAN)
full version; no time-limit

AmigaMAIL - E-Mail Client (*3.5)
easy to configure and use
based on the e-mail library

AmiDOCK - Program Start Bar
easy to use program start tool like the Apple "Klickstarter", but far more powerful
add new programs with drag & drop

RAWBInfo & several other tools
RAWBInfo - a powerful new info requester
NewIconEmu - emulates NewIcons on the new system
colorwheel.gadget - new color wheel with true color support
gradientslider.gadget - new gradient slider
string.gadget - new string gadget with lots of functions
ASLPatch - a new file selector

Automatic file type recognition
DefIcons is a powerful system that defines which application is launched when a file is double-clicked
very flexible and powerful

Improved Libraries & System Tools
new icon.library
patches to workbench.library
patches to intuition.library
new API functionality
additional products

Find & Clock
Find tool (files, and within files)
Workbench clock (Animated Icon)
new text.datatype

IomegaTools - tools for Zip and Jazz drives

New Shell & many other tools
ViNCEd - powerful Shell with history, etc.
diskfont.library - bugfixes and new font caching
FixFonts - cache management
More - bugfixes
BenchTrash - new trashcan
mathieeedoubbas - bugfixes
mathieeedoubtrans - bugfixes
mathieeesingtrans - bugfixes

Unpacker Tool
tool to support the DefIcon system and xad.library
decrunches lha, lzx, zip and many others
easy to use

XAD Library - Universal Decruncher System
decrunches lha, lzx, zip and many others

Picture Datatype - New Improved Version
PowerPC/68K fat binary
supports picture scaling

Improved Prefs
Workbench - new features: title bar on/off, icons in FastRAM, fuel gauge on/off, etc.
IPrefs - now uses the scaling features of the new picture datatype & 1:1 aspect ratio of all window borders
AHI prefs
ScreenMode prefs - added Test button
WBPattern - select button for scaling feature

Glow Icons - New Icon Style (*3.5)
new complete icon set for all system tools
new icons for most applications

WarpOS - New Version
WarpOS PowerPC support
AmigaOS compatible integration
extensive functionality
hardware independent driver system

WarpOS prefs
direct control over the features of WarpOS

HDToolBox - Harddisk Toolkit (*3.5)
scanning the SCSI bus
read the physical information of the hard disk
read/write the logical information (RDB)
create Mount files
read special Mount entries to restore the RDB
HDToolBox application that uses the low-level library
new GUI style

NSDPatch -Support for Harddisks >4GB (*3.5)
L:FastFileSystem - adds 64-bit support according to the new style device based trackdisk64 standard
NSDPatch - integrated into SetPatch
implements a standard for 64-bit devices
adds support for NSD to a lot of standard and third-party devices (many different scsi devices, ide devices ...)
allows access to partitions and disks > 4GB
fixes bugs in certain devices (mfm.device, some SANA II devices)

HDwrench.library (*3.5)
supports drives beyond 4 gigabytes, up to the limit of SCSI disk addressability

Text-Editor-Gadget (*3.5)
supports ReAction/ClassAct
support for text styles (bold, italic & underline)
multi-level undo & redo
support for alignment (left, center & right)
separators with an optional title
supports marking via the mouse or the keyboard (using shift)
supports all types of fonts (proportional, fixed, even colour fonts)
floating wordwrap, i.e. text automatically reflows if you resize the window (though optional hard-wrap is also possible)
interface for arexx support

(*3.5) These programs were already part of OS 3.5

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