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AmigaOS 3.5

Amiga OS 3.5

Benefits of the Amiga OS 3.5 Update:

Easy Internet Access
Support for Hard Disks > 4 GB
Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Extensive CD-ROM Support
Support for Current Printers
PowerPC Support
HTML Online Documentation
Bug Fixes

Easy Internet Access
  • TCP/IP Stack
    • Support for Internet and Ethernet
    • Easy to setup the connection to your provider within minutes
    • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack with built-in PPP, SLIP, SANA-II support
    • Latest Socks v4/5 client module for firewalls
    • OS 3.5 GUI style
  • WWW Browser with Offline/Online support
    • Browsing the OS 3.5 documentation and the Internet
  • New Cross-Application E-mail Library
    • General API for sending and receiving of E-mails
  • New E-Mail Client
    • Based on the E-mail library

Support for Hard Disks > 4 GB
  • NSDPatch
    • New standard for 64 Bit Devices
    • Updated Info, Format, Diskcopy and FastFileSystem
  • HDToolBox
    • The low-level library processes the following tasks:
      • Scanning the SCSI bus
      • Read the physical information of the hard disk
      • Read/write the logical information (RDB)
      • Create Mount files
      • Read special Mount entries to restore the RDB
    • HDToolBox application that uses the low-level library
      • New GUI style

Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • New Icon Set (Glow Icons)
    • New complete icon set for all system tools
    • New icons for most applications
  • Neue Icon Library
    • Icons with up to 256 colors
    • Automatic color adaptation
    • NewIcon compatible
    • Compatible to OS 3.1 icons
    • New API functionality
    • Faster and more robust
  • New BOOPSI Library
    • New complete set of powerful BOOPSI gadgets
    • Very fast, modular and scalable
    • AmigaOS compatible implementation
    • Compatible to existing BOOPSI classes
  • New Resource Library
    • Loads and manages all GUI resources
    • Change the GUI without recompilation of the application
    • Can be used with any programming language
  • Updated and enhanced Workbench
    • More responsive user interface
    • Progress requester for copy/delete
    • Enhanced information requester
    • Smart display update
    • New keyboard control functionality
    • New API functionality

Extensive CD-ROM Support
  • CacheCDFS
    • ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win 95/98) and MAC HFS compatible
    • Supports Amiga protection bit and file comments
    • MultiSession CD-ROM support
  • New PlayCD
    • (Programmable) Audio player for SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives
    • Low memory consumption
  • New CDFSPrefs
    • CacheCDFS preferences for 'on the fly' configuration

Full Printer Support
  • New Printer Device
    • Drivers for common printers
    • PowerPC support
    • New functions to print all kinds of bitmaps
    • New API to define page size and page break correctly
  • Support for 24 bit Picasso96 DumpRastPort command
    • TurboPrint compatible functions to print 8 Bit chunky and 16/24 bit bitmaps
  • New Printer Preferences
    • Updated for new GUI style

PowerPC Support
  • New WarpUP PowerPC Support
    • AmigaOS compatible integration
    • Extensive functionality
    • Hardware independent driver system, easy to extend
  • New Preferences
    • Updated for new GUI style

HTML Documentation
  • New Comprehensive Instructions
  • Reworked documentation for Workbench, DOS, ARexx and Harddisk
  • Completion of all the new features of AmigaOS 3.5
  • Extensive illustrations
  • Bilingual English/German

Bug Fixes
  • Corrections to improve overall robustness and to fix long standing bugs
  • Reworked A2024 monitor driver
  • Reworked CLI command (Join, Status, Type)
  • Reworked IPrefs command (more robust, better Workbench pattern support)
  • Reworked LoadWB

  • Updated asl.library (more responsive, faster, enhanced user interface, more robust)
  • Updated DataTypes
    • 8svx.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; faster and more robust)
    • amigaguide.datatype / amigaguide.library (faster, new API functionality)
    • anim.datatype (now supports all major IFF-ANIM formats; more robust)
    • animation.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust; new API functionality; RTG compatible)
    • ascii.datatype (faster and more robust)
    • cdxl.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust)
    • ilbm.datatype (now supports true color pictures; more robust)
    • picture.datatype (now supports true color pictures, dithering and color quantization; more robust, new API functionality; RTG compatible)
    • sound.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust, new API functionality)
    • text.datatype (faster and more robust)
  • New DataTypes for GIF, JPEG, PNG and AIFF file format
  • Updated 68040.library (performance improvements)
  • Updated bullet.library (performance improvements)
  • New SCSI Mount tool

System Requirements

In order to upgrade your Amiga system to OS 3.5, it must be equipped with the following hardware:
  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Recommended Configuration:
    • 68030 or higher processor
    • 8 MB Fast RAM
    • Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler
    • Modem
  • Configuration for Best Performance:
    • 68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
    • 16-bit sound card
    • 32 MB Fast RAM
    • I/O Accelerator

See also Amiga OS 3.9.

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