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If you'd like to use our shopping cart system for your order, please make sure Cookies are enabled in your browser settings (default for most browsers).

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files of 4K maximum size (usually a lot smaller). They are transferred from the server to your client (i.e. browser) and are stored locally on your computer. There are two different types of Cookies, temporary and persistant ones. A temporary Cookie will only last for the current session, persistant Cookies are stored on your hard disk until their expiry date is reached (or the browser kills it for other reasons, e.g. too much cookies altogether).

The great benefit of Cookies is the ability to "identify" a visitor. The server loads the Cookie it has set in the previous session and is thus able to reload stored settings for this particular visitor (in this case the items in the shopping cart). You can leave the server anytime without losing the data already entered.

Cookie Dangers

There are still rumours being spread Cookies could be used to transfer executables such as viruses to your hard drive. This is not the case, Cookies can only hold a very limited character set, binaries cannot be saved. But even if binaries could be saved (which is not true), those programs would never be executed unless you do it yourself. The browser doesn't care about the Cookies, they are just stored and sent, never executed.

There is a possible misuse of Cookies though. With Cookies it is very easy to track visitors and analyze their actions. We do not log any of your actions, only the items in the shopping cart are stored.

How we make use of Cookies

Our server uses a Cookie to store an ID code which is used to recognize the visitor. It is a persistant cookie expiring after one year (or earlier if you or your client software decide to delete it). The items you put into the shopping cart are stored locally on our server with your ID number. No other data will be saved. Your privacy is fully respected on this server.

Our server will also set a Cookie if you change the default language and/or currency. This will have no effect on your privacy, the data stored cannot be used to identify a person.

Please also read about our privacy policy.

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