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Foundation - The Undiscovered Land

Foundation - The Undiscovered Land

Have you played through all 40 missions of Paul Burkeys great RTS game Foundation? You want to play new and more challenging missions in Foundation? Well, here is your chance: Foundation Mission CD: The Undiscovered Land comes to the Amiga. The Mission CD not only comes with a bucketfull of new and challenging missions but also improves on the original Foundation in various ways. Just take a look at the Feature list below:

Game features:

  • 40 new missions, each with rendered intro screens just like the original levels.
  • The original missions are also included with some small changes and improvements.
  • New mission objectives, more variety and some levels include already setup villages.
  • More technology to research including faster mining, faster chopping, better fishing, improved shielding, Better health care in Hospital, improved faith in Church etc.
  • Optimized gameplay speed for smoother action. Game Loading times are much shorter.
  • Visual 'energy display' for selected people (small bar over the head) showing the health of many people quickly. This 'energy display' system is also used on buildings.
  • More Keyboard shortcuts added, including buttons for most building types and for locating unused people. Extra buttons are added to the user interface for some bonus features.
  • The Vegetables resource has been removed to cut down on the number of resources you need to gather. It also reduces the amount of transportation and makes food supply less complicated. This is an example of some of the small changes that are made to improve gameplay.
  • More warnings with visual display on the mini map to show the location and type of warnings (red alert boxes for serious things like attacks, white alert boxes for less serious warnings.)

You can play all this on your Amiga from early June. You will need the original Foundation or better Foundation Directors Cut to play this game.

System requirements: AGA or graphicsboard, 68030, harddrive and 8 MByte Ram


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Foundation Undiscovered Land (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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Foundation Undiscovered Land (Amiga/CD-ROM)Foundation Undiscovered Land (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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