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Configuration Menu for:

Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2.1, 8 Megapixel (e14)

Using this Configuration Menu, you can conveniently select additional add-ons for the current item. You can also remove previously selected add-ons from your configuration, simply enter "Don't configure ..." from the respective list. When clicking the "Save Configuration" button, the selected add-ons for the current item will be put into the shopping cart.

Cable Replacement:
    - Don't configure Cable Replacement -
Flex Cable 0.15 m   Flex Cable 0.15 m +EUR 1.90
Flex Cable 0.30 m   Flex Cable 0.30 m +EUR 2.50
Flex Cable 0.50 m   Flex Cable 0.50 m +EUR 2.90
Flex Cable 1.00 m   Flex Cable 1.00 m +EUR 4.99
Flex Cable 1.50 m   Flex Cable 1.50 m +EUR 6.49
Flex Cable 2.00 m   Flex Cable 2.00 m +EUR 7.99

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