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AmigaWriter 2

AmigaWriter 2

The word processor that leaves a mark

AmigaWriter is the ideal program for pupils, students and engineers because it provides real footnotes and can even import Word documents from Windows PCs or Macintosh computers. On top of that AmigaWriter offers a refined chapter management system and can automatically create the table of contents for your documents.

Another first on the Amiga is AmigaWriter's ability to display anti-aliased TrueType fonts, making even small text much more readable. AmigaWriter also offers a lot of functionality that is typically reserved for DTP packages: boxes for text, graphics and various other objects can be placed freely, linked text boxes, freely editable page formats, flexible paragraph formats, automatic paragraph control, extensive font manipulation, freely definable paragraph and character formats and the ability to create booklets.

New features of version 2:

  • MS Word import
  • TrueType support with anti-aliasing
  • Font substitution
  • Support for Amiga OS 3.5
  • Booklet printing, landscape printing, tiled printing
  • True colour printing even without a graphics board
  • Fast black & white printing
  • 4-colour optimized on ECS/AGA
  • Improved image cache
  • Many improvements and error corrections
  • WYSIWYG footnotes
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Multilingual hyphenation algorithm
  • Spellchecker with recommendations of alternatives
  • Document templates
  • Chapter management
  • Extensive DTP functionality

System Requirements:

  • Amiga with 68030/25 MHz or better
  • 8 MB RAM
  • HDD
  • AmigaOS 3.0 or higher


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Amiga Writer 2.2 (Amiga/CD-ROM) Amiga Writer 2.2 (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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Amiga Writer 2.2 (Amiga/CD-ROM)Amiga Writer 2.2 (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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