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Amiga Future 132

Amiga Future 132

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).



Aliens of Gold, BlackStone Planet Strike, Spencer, Elfie - The Unicorn, Golden Wing, News from Aminet, MorphOS Camp, MorphOS 3.10, DKB Wildfire, ADF Copy

Trevors Soapbox, Maxon Develop, CD or not CD, Vampire Diaries, Demo Scene

FreePascal part 3, Blitz Basic part 11

Show Reports:

Interview Christian "Foxman" Giehsing, News, Editorial, Content, Imprint, Letters to the Editor, Cover CD Content

Cover CD:

Gin_Rummy, Mobsters City, Piccy Squash, Bangman, Go_Troll, Chase, Choochoo, Spot_It, Ziriax The Whiz Kidz Ross

adripper, adripper_ell, AmiArcadia_OS4, appbuilder, beret, FontWalker_os4, lha, lhx, liblua, libsmpeg2, MCE-OS4, mixer, ppccpuinfo, ReportPlus-OS4, ripconfig_cmd, rnoinfoscreen, scummvm, seq, spencertrial, stuntcarremake, tcgs_cave, wget-bin, workbenchexplorer, yapong


Adom, Adom_68020, Adom_68040, ADOM_Guide, adripper, adripper_ell, AmiArcadia, AmiModRadio, AmiSSL-4.2, AmiVms, AmySequencer, appbuilder, audio_in_e, avcodec_mcc_1.0, bbslinkconnect, bbslinkwall, beret, bsaog, bsps, cc65-morphos, Chelp, CubicIDE_HW71, designworks_src, disk2disk_src, dizzytorrent1.03, dos2dos_src, EP_MMV8, espeak, exomizer, flow_src, FontWalker_os3, GED5MorphED_Pas, GetWBPattern, GoldenWingADF, GoldenWingHD, HelloVOID, HollywoodSP, Hollywood_SDK, HWP_AIFF, HWP_SID, HWP_SVGImage, HWP_VectorGfx, HWP_ZIP, IconLib_46.4, InstantZip_3.3, ira, irssi-1.1.1, JFIFdt44, jq, lhx, libflac, liblua, libsmpeg2, LightView, LoadModule, lw_AdvLights_tut, lw_LEGO_TIE-Fighter, mac2dos_src, MagicMenu_2.35, MCE, Minislug-wos, mixer, MMULib, MMV8_2_PCM, MMV8_Complete, mmv8_deliplayer, MMV8_Player, mod2wav, MonitorDriver, MUIwake, OpenBOR-WOS, PatchCompositeTags, pfs3aio, ppccpuinfo, profonts_src, quarterback_src, quickwrite_src, Redit, Redit_src, ReportPlus, ripconfig_cmd, RiVA-0.53, rnoinfoscreen, RO_Key, scummvm, seq, spencertrial, SteMarRegBlitzSources, stuntcarremake, superduper_css_src, SweepOut, tcgs_cave, TunnelsAndTrolls, UADE_MMV8, Uninstaller, Void-AbsoluteDolle2, vorbistools140_68k, vorbistools140_wos, wget-bin, workbenchexplorer, yapong

ACE-MorphOS, AmiArcadiaMOS, FontWalker_mos, fpc-3.1.1.powerpc-mos, gnuplot-MOS, MCE-MOS, RocketManMOS

BoingsWorld Podcast episode 90, many demos

Current issue: 146 (September/October 2020)

Previous English issues: 131 (March/April 2018), 130 (January/February 2018), 129 (November/December 2017), 128 (September/October 2017), 127 (July/August 2017), 126 (May/June 2017), 125 (March/April 2017).

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