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Lyra 3

Adapter to use PC keyboards on the Amiga

Lyra 3 replaces the older version of Lyra, it addresses numerous suggestions made by customers during past few years. The adapter is available in two versions, the external version for the so-called "bigbox" Amigas is simply plugged between the PC keyboard and the computer.

Lyra 3 Bigbox Version
Picture: Lyra 3 "Bigbox"

Lyra 3 is compatible with all PS/2 keyboards and USB keyboards that support the PS/2 protocol (PS/2 adapter required for the latter). Lyra 3 has no problem with KVM switches, neither does the Micromys mouse adapter, so a completely switchable setup is possible.

Lyra 3 A1200 Version
Picture: Lyra 3 A1200

Lyra 3 lets you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard, and for the A1200 version, it lets you connect an A2000, A3000 or A4000 keyboard to a towered A1200 by removing the jumper. While the older Lyra only had the choice of two keymaps, Lyra 3 lets you do distinct changes to the keymap for certain keys, giving you lots of options that would require a lot of different keymaps, but also a lot of jumpers. Since Lyra 3 only has one jumper, the configuration is stored inside of the translator-chip.

Please note that an adapter PS/2->DIN is required to use the Big Box version of Lyra with Amiga computers that have a DIN keyboard connector (e.g. Amiga 2000 or 3000).

Configuring Lyra 3 is done without drivers, just by hitting the right key combinations. All configuration data is saved in non-volatile memory, so Lyra 3 will remember it even if you switch off power of your Amiga. The magic key combination that lets you enter configuration mode is L-Shift+Pause. This means that you press and hold the left shift key, and while holding shift, you press the Pause key. Lyra 3 acknowledges configuration mode by flashing the NumLock LED. You now have the chance to toggle a few options, to display the current configuration or to leave configuration mode.

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Keyboard Interface Lyra 3 1200 for PC... Keyboard Interface Lyra 3 1200 for PC Keyboard/Amiga 1200
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Keyboard Interface Lyra 3 4000 "Bigbox" for... Keyboard Interface Lyra 3 4000 "Bigbox" for PC Keyboard/Amiga 2000/3000(T)/4000(T)/CD32
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
(Individual Computers)
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