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ScanQuix USB

ScanQuix has become a well known standard solution for scanning on the Amiga platform during the last years.

The new version ScanQuix USB enables your computer to use current USB scanners just as easy as SCSI or parallel scanners can be used with the standard solution ScanQuix.

Different scanner models can be used uniformly by all programs, similarly to the use of printers with printer drivers. Of course, you can scan, display and save pictures with ScanQuix. But the outstanding characteristic is the ability of many graphic programs to use the scanner drivers directly. That is, you can scan the images without detour into your favourite graphic software.

So there is no need for a software to supply its own drivers for each scanner any more, but only an interface to the ScanQuix system.

Currently the following USB scanner models are supported by ScanQuix USB:

  • Hewlett-Packard 2200C
  • Epson Perfection 1250U/1250U-Photo
  • Umax Astra 5400/5450

The minimum requirements to use ScanQuix USB are:

  • Amiga with AmigaOS 3.x, USB card with Poseidon USB stack (e.g. Highway)
  • Pegasos with MorphOS and Poseidon USB stack

(O) Please have a look at the official ScanQuix Homepage for more information.


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ScanQuix USB scanner software (Amiga/CD-ROM) ScanQuix USB scanner software (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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ScanQuix USB scanner software (Amiga/CD-ROM)ScanQuix USB scanner software (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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