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Apevia X-QPACK/420 Aluminium

incl. 420W Power Supply (450W max. power)

Available in silver/black (AL), red/black, blue/black (BL), yellow/black (YL), green/black (GN), and black/black (BK).

QPACK-AL/420 Standard Micro ATX/Baby AT, incl. 420 Power Supply. If you are looking for a PC that is compact and dynamic that you can just grab it and go, then this Apevia X-QPACK is your perfect choice. The X-QPACK is designed with the idea of giving users to choose any Micro ATX motherboard and components in the market to build their own compact PC. With a built-in ATX 420W power supply, 5 x drive bays and a 120mm fan, this X-QPACK is powerful, cool yet quiet. Stylish, portable, dynamic and cute, Apevia X-QPACK has it all.

QPACK-AL/420 The X-QPACK Portable Case from Apevia allows you to pack the guns of a big baller case in a compact, lightweight, portable package. Fully aluminum chassis construction provides strength and stability while helping dissipate heat and reducing weight. A stylish and function front bezel houses many convenient features such as a temperature monitor, high speed I/O ports, and even a handle for easy transportation. The top and sides of this case boast clear acrylic windows allowing bystanders a peak inside your machine.

QPACK-AL/420 The case features a removable motherboard tray for easy installation of Micro ATX mainboards. A 420W PSU, room for five total drives, and 4 expansion slots allows you to deliver the power punch a larger case provides. A powerful UV Blue LED 120mm chassis fan and 80mm PSU fan keep the air moving inside this case. The Apevia X-QPACK Portable Case proves that sometimes less is more!

QPACK-AL/420 Features:
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction
  • Aluminum chassis material and powerful 120mm fan keep internal temperatures to a minimum
  • Removable motherboard tray for easy installation
  • Three acrylic panel windows
  • UV Blue LED power supply and chassis fan
  • Front panel LCD temperature monitor
  • Powerful 420W power supply easily handles the requirements of Micro ATX systems
  • Convenient built in handle for portability
  • Perfect for LAN parties or any situation were portability is a must

Case Material Aluminum 1.0 w/ ABS plastic front panel
Colours silver/black (AL)
red/black (RD)
blue/black (BL)
yellow/black (YL)
green/black (GN)
black/black (BK)
Main Board Standard Micro ATX / Baby AT
Window Acrylic window panel (3 sides)
Power Supply ATX 420W power supply (450W max. power)
Power Supply Connectors 1x Main Power, 1x 12V (P4), 4x Peripheral, 2x Floppy, 1x SATA
Drive Space 2 x 5.25" / 1 x 3.5" / 2 x 3.5" (hidden)
Motherboard Size up to 9.6" x 9.6"
Expansion Slots 4
Front Panel Switches Power / Reset
Front Access Ports 2x USB 2.0, 2x Audio, 1x Firewire
Cooling Fan Space 1x 120mm - rear (included)
Front Thermometer 1x LCD
LED Display Power / HDD
Dimensions (DxWxH) 13.8" x 11.2" x 9"

X-QPack-AL/420 X-QPack-BK/420 X-QPack-BL/420 X-QPack-GN/420 X-QPack-RD/420 X-QPack-YL/420

Also available without windows:
X-QPack-NW-AL/420 X-QPack-NW-BK/420 X-QPack-NW-BL/420 X-QPack-NW-GN/420 X-QPack-NW-RD/420 X-QPack-NW-YL/420


Item Price in EUR
Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-AL Aluminium... Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-AL Aluminium silver/black W/O PSU
58.90 Add item to your order
Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-AL/420 Aluminium... Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-AL/420 Aluminium silver/black incl. 420W PSU (rev. 2, 450W max.)
85.90 Add item to your order
Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-BL Aluminium... Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-BL Aluminium blue/black W/O PSU
58.90 Add item to your order
Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-BL/420 Aluminium... Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-BL/420 Aluminium blue/black incl. 420W PSU (rev. 2, 450W max.)
85.90 Add item to your order
Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-NW-AL Aluminium... Modding case Apevia X-QPACK-NW-AL Aluminium silver/black W/O PSU
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
59.90 Add item to your order
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