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Commdore 64 DTV Commodore 64 DTV

The Take-it-with-you-and-play-anywhere C-64! :-)

The Commodore 64 DTV/D2TV ("Direct to TV") is a mobile reincarnation of the most successful home computer of all times, the Commodore 64. The entire computer is built into a joystick, and it contains everything to revive some of the gaming experience of the 80's.

Just connect the Commodore 64 DTV to the A/V jack of your TV and start playing one of the 30 games that are integrated into this unit, e.g. Winter Games. You don't need to insert a cartridge or load from floppy disk or tape, the 30 games are available right after you switch the Commodore 64 DTV on.

Four AA batteries are required (not included). PAL or NTSC version.

Built-in Games (DTV, NTSC version):
  1. Bull Riding
  2. Championship Wrestling
  3. Cyberdyne Warrior
  4. Cybernoid
  5. Cybernoid 2
  6. Eliminator
  7. Exolon
  8. Firelord
  9. Flying Disk
  10. Gateway to Apshai
  11. Impossible Mission
  12. Impossible Mission 2
  13. Jumpman jr.
  14. Paradroid
  15. Pitstop
  16. Pitstop 2
  1. Ranarama
  2. Silicon Warrior
  3. Speedball
  4. Summer Games
  5. Super Cycle
  6. Sumo
  7. Surfing
  8. Sword of Fargoal
  9. Tower Toppler (Nebulus)
  10. Uridium
  11. Winter Games
  12. World Karate Champion A
    (International Karate 1)
  13. World Karate Champion B
    (International Karate 1, Teil 2)
  14. Zynaps

Built-in Games (D2TV, PAL version):
  1. AlleyKat
  2. California Games
  3. Championship Wrestling
  4. Cyberdyne Warrior
  5. Cybernoid
  6. Cybernoid II
  7. Eliminator
  8. Exolon
  9. Firelord
  10. Gateway to Apshai
  11. Head The Ball
  12. Impossible Mission I
  13. Impossible Mission II
  14. Jumpman Junior
  15. Marauder
  1. Maze Mania
  2. Mission Impossible
  3. Nebulus
  4. Netherworld
  5. Paradroid
  6. Pitstop
  7. Pitstop II
  8. Rana Rama
  9. Speedball
  10. Summer Games
  11. Super Cycle
  12. Sword of Fargoal
  13. Uridium
  14. Winter Games
  15. Zynaps

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