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  • Calculation of the fastest, shortest, cheapest or most pleasant route
  • Calculation of round trips with optimized ways
  • Travel routes with unlimited intermediate stops
  • Optimization of the order of intermediate stops
  • Simultaneous calculations of several routes
  • Several routes displayable at once with choosable colours
  • Choosable details of route descriptions, even saveable and printable
  • Input and output of data graphical or textbased
  • Searching for towns even possible only with partial names or pattern matching
  • Free choosable priorities for street types for individual use
  • Free settings for average speed
  • Consideration of time and date for departure and arrival
  • Consideration of delay times when changing streets
  • Consideration of traffic jam probabilities
  • Calculation of the travel costs, even with distance lump sums
  • Free choosable currency
  • Travel informations with every map
  • Databases for car IDs, some with useful additional info
  • Database for postcodes
  • Databases for hotels with details to prices and equipment, some even with pictures
  • Integrated CityGuide-System with informations to interesting towns, places or regions, some even with pictures
  • Informations about many parks and points of interest
  • For germany: AVON phonenumber database
  • One special map vor every supported european country or region
  • Multiple loading of several maps possible
  • All maps can be joined without problems, even with consideration of shares
  • Maps are changeable free of pleasure
  • Possibility to add external documents, e.g. hypertext, pictures, ...
  • Direct choice of towns, streets, routes, ... in every map
  • Fast search of free choosable and nameable map sections
  • Attractive display of water
  • Display of the topology with altitudes
  • Automatically adaption of map details
  • Variable scale factor, chooseable via fast search mode
  • Display of coordinates chooseable with several formats and details
  • Coordinates of geography chooseable with several formats
  • Selectable distances between kilometres and miles
  • Maps asynchronous printable with full page, scale factor or as poster
  • Nearly free configurable program interface and map display
  • Program toolbar for fast choice of important functions
  • Supporting German, English, French and Italian language
  • Extensive online documentation with lots of pictures

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System Requirements:

At least AmigaOS 3.1, 68020 CPU, 8 MByte free RAM and 20 MByte free HD space.

A faster CPU, more RAM and AGA chipset or even better a gfxboard supporting CyberGraphX or Picasso96 is explicitely recommended!

A complete installation needs about 600 MByte free harddisk space.


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AmiAtlas 6 Premium Edition incl. 1 year of... AmiAtlas 6 Premium Edition incl. 1 year of free updates by e-mail, for Amiga OS 3.x (MorphOS) and AmigaOS 4 (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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AmiAtlas 6 Premium Edition incl. 1 year of...AmiAtlas 6 Premium Edition incl. 1 year of free updates by e-mail, for Amiga OS 3.x (MorphOS) and AmigaOS 4 (Amiga/CD-ROM)
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