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Easter Holidays: We are on vacation and our shop is closed until April 28, 2014. You can still place orders during this time, but please have a little patience. (Please note that there is no support available until we are back in the office.) We wish you a Happy Easter!

Amiga Future 87

Amiga Future 87


Amiga Future 87 is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).

If you are interested in the English edition of Amiga Future, please order your copy as soon as possible or get a subscription, this helps determine how many copies must be printed. Thanks.


Amiga Forever 2010, Aquaria, Morton Strikes Back, Zero Gravity, Final Chapter, Mythana, AmiFIG, RunInUAE, TDTool.

Commodore A2630, PSX Controller Adapter.

Frotz part 1, Floppy Disk Renovation, Gimp in practice, C-Workshop part 4.

Astro Photography with the Amiga, Amiga 4000, Carl Sassenrath on the Concept of the Amiga.

Show-Report Classic Computing 2010, Interview LamTec, Editorial, Content-List, News, Up2Date, The herald of Tamar, Imprint, ReadersCD content, letters to the editor, Preview.

Cover CD Contents:

Alien Target, Desert Wolf, Erik, Game Smith Development System, Gasal, Lazarus, Morton Strikes Back, Morton Strikes Back AGA, Og! (Trog!), Pinomania, Terminte TCP, TextEngine

Public Domain:
  • Classic: 2D_ATcad, A71BackUp, A71Mail, Africa, AllKeys, amigakeyremapper, amigang-1941-extreme, amigang-jhead-2.901, amigang-tetris1, AmiUpdateSP, AntiFlow-1.0, autorun, BitchX-11, cddb-glue, Chain_Gang, codesets-6.12, coex, cybershow95a, dvdauthor-os3, dvdauthor, EdimaxCfg, execlibrary, ezaMaze, gfxlib_428b9, GooniesRM, Helios_0.4-svn_r560, HotCorner-1.0, iBatch, im-tools, Installer, KidLock-1.1, mkfile, NetSurf-m68k, netsurf, NoLed_3.0, OctiX, OpenURL-7.8, OpenWinURL, photoalbum66, pp-tools, RandomBackdrop, ReportPlus, rocksndiamonds-, Roman_Wheel, rtmpdump, sdlroids-1.3.4, sopwith, Time-Waster, TrackerHeroAGA, Transfer, TriCon, ucommand_v1, webpconv, webp_dt, WormWars, xad_7z, XCenter, xzdec, YAM26p1-AmigaOS3, z_library,
  • AROS: lbreakout2-i386-aros.tar, publbreakout2-i386-aros.tar, supertux-aros, xrick-021212-aros-i386.tar, YAM26p1-AROS-i386, YAM26p1-AROS-ppc, YAM26p1-AROS-x86_64,
  • MorphOS: installpack, YAM26p1-MorphOS,
  • OS4: 1941-extremedx, armagetronadv, autorun, awin, cabextract_OS4, cliftpy.tar, contextmenus_fr, cubebm, d64_fs, dcraw, gnufind, granite, jhead_os4, lame, libiconv, netsurf_icons, prefscenter, project-smc, samdos_fs, times, xad_7z, xad_fs, YAM26p1-AmigaOS4,

BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 7 and 8

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