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Amiga Future 78

Amiga Future 78


You can read this issue online on the Amiga Future website (JPEG format): Links opens in new window/tabAmiga Future 78 online

Amiga Future 78 is the twelfth issue of Amiga Future that is available in German and English (both editions are otherwise identical).


AmigaOS 4 on SAMflex, Protext, Prodata, OWB, Hollywood 4, SRec, Synergy, VIM, AltTabSwitcher, Amidisk, Arrowz, OS4 Depot Games.

Modding - Amiga Walker Do-it-yourself, Monitor ASUS VW225 N 38, Amiga Retrospective Part 12.

AmigaOS4: Transparent, Ghostscript.

Showreport Amigathering, Interview Andreas Falkenhahn, Solution Goblins, Cheats, Editorial, Content, News, Up2date, Tamar Herald, Imprint, Letters to the Editor, Preview.

CD Contents:

Full Versions:
Foundation, Protext, Prodata, Rooster 1, Rooster 2, Rushhour, Das Duell, Funny Face, Adventure System

Public Domain:
060_75MHz_Voodoo3, 68060_75MHz, afsex, akSGX-dt, akTIFF-dt, AllocMem, Arrowz, avi_lib, Aye_Q, borpak, Cellz, changeit_07, clispawn, codesets-68000, CompareDirs_OS4, concap, dmlnames, extract-xiso, fheroes2, flic_dt, idle2_2, jng_dt, KME-UPD, ktm, Mattonite, Multi_Q, p7zip-4.65b-m68k, powersdl, powersdl_src, r, ReportPlus, Saga, Snakee, snakee.tar, StartBar-ITA, unxwb, waitback, xad_7z, yaeval.i386-aros, ZeldaOLB-68k-US, ZeldaROTH-68k-US, ZeldaROTHCoop-68k-US, ZoomIT

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