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Amiga Future 75

Amiga Future 75


You can read this issue online on the Amiga Future website (JPEG format): Links opens in new window/tabAmiga Future 75 online

Amiga Future 75 is the ninth issue of Amiga Future that is available in German and English (both editions are otherwise identical).


AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS 2.1, AmigaSYS 4 AGA, AmiSoundEd, OWB, AmigaOS4 Developer Tools, Cannon Fodder Levels, Das Tier, Mattonite, Amiga Forever 2008, S-Video Adapter, Indivision AGA.

AMV part 2, Amiga Retrospective part 9.

Interview ACube, Interview Hans-Jörg Frieden, Interview Das Tier, Showreport Classic Computing, Showreport Pianeta, Showreport Evoke, News, Up2Date, Tamar Herald, Cheats, Walktrough In Shadow of Time part 1, Modding Commodore/Atari Arcade, CD Content, Reade Letters, Imprint, Preview.

CD Contents:

Full Versions:
Zombie Massaker (CD image), Gloom 3, AmiFTP, New Filemaster, Das Tier

Public Domain:
A2Zee, AlphaQuad, AmiBroker337beta, Arrowz, attaks, Aye_Q, Bipaire, bouncing, Building, Cellz, Create_a_Q, Eggchess, Fussball-EM-2008, FussballBundesliga, Koules, Mattonite, Oslide, Pyramid, vectoroids-1.1.0-68k, winalphatest, WormWars, ww2, and many more

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