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Amiga Future 74

Amiga Future 74


You can read this issue online on the Amiga Future website (JPEG format): Links opens in new window/tabAmiga Future 74 online

Amiga Future 74 is the eighth issue of Amiga Future that is available in German and English (both editions are otherwise identical).


Report+, Poseidon, WinUAE, Backup, MultiRen, Cinnamon Writer, AmiBlitz, MorphOS 2.0, AMuse, Cave Story, Africa, AmigaOS 4 SDL games.

Modding 13 - Golden Amiga, AMV, Amiga Retrospective part 8.

Interview Lunapaint, interview Metin Seven, editorial, Table of contents, news, Up2Date, The Tamar Herald, cheats, solution Gobliins 2 Part 2, Imprint, cover CD contents, letters to the editor, preview.

CD Contents:

Full Versions:
Fubar Soundtrack Special, OnEscapee, Photo Folio, Tottogo, Amiga Super Lotto, Astral, Battle Space

Public Domain:
Africa, AmiVNC4, armageddonsword, arobowars3d, AVT, bombbrothers, crapgamesvol6-os4, DCF77, demonearth, dvdauthor-aros, eFetch_v1, FileMasterPPC, Fratzengeballer, gammameter, GetProxys, gfxroute, GoogleDoc, IBrowseSP, JakeBoard, JumpingAround, katamaricd, Koules, MarranoFTP, megamangears, MpegJoin, MPlayer-GUI, MultiRen, NickyBoum-morphos, PullDog-amigaos, PullDog-morphos, RandomBackdrop, ReportPlus, snarfoogle, spiritrevenge, SystemPatch299, Timeme, Touchstart, usbboot, weirdness1, WookieChat2.9_AROS, WookieChat2.9_MOS, WookieChat2.9_OS3, WookieChat2.9_OS4, wookieclassy, xenogenesis, zombiequest, ZoomIT, and much more.

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