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Amiga Future 118

Amiga Future 118

+++ SOLD OUT +++

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).


Amiga Racer, Wings Remastered, Playfield, A.L.I.C.E

Amiga Forever 2016, Deathbringer, Ricky, Jump Block Jump, OS4 Depot Games, AmiCloud, A1K Accelerator Card "Matze"

Amiga30th Retrospective, Demo Scene

Developing Demo Effects #7: A New Hope

Show Report Alchimie, Show Report Amiga Meeting Bad Bramstedt, Show Report 10th botfixer@home, Interview Arktis (Wolf Software & Design), Interview Krzysztof "deadwood" Smiechowicz, Editorial, Contents, News, Imprint, Cover CD Contents, Letters to the Editor

Cover CD:

amigaracer, appbuilder, bse, cabextract_OS4, chocolate-doom, drawerexplorer, EvenMore_OS4, flare, hgui, info_dt, installer, jill, magiceyes, modicon, preferences, rebootnow, recordbox, songwrangler, thunderlauncher, usbsound, vba, vice, WormWars-OS4

webptools044_aros, whois.i386-aros

AmiDuke_AGA, AmiKick, AmiSpear_AGA, AmiWolf_AGA, AmiWolf_ECS, BackUp, Bad_Santa_1.3, BenchTrash, Blaze, bootanimplayer_1.0, cabextract, Calimero_1.0, clit-1.8, CXHandlerSP, DiskSalv, dtview2, einfo-1.0, Epub-Reader_1.0, EvenMore, EvenMorePlugins, EvenMore_DE, exfatfs, Exult_AGA, Exutil_68k, E_vaz_ive, FileX-68K, FilexSP, Flog, get_dwgpreview_1.0, GorkyDat, GPS2URL, GuideMaker, icon2png, IconLib_46.4, IdentifyUsrSP, KoalaView, KoalaViewSP, Lightnix, LyapModules, MakeHTMLMap, MUIbase-3.2, NetSurf-m68k, Permu, Permutax, pfssalv2, pubcrawl, Pyramid, qsimplesheet, Quad_Q, Ricky2.5, Ricky2.6, sntp, StarAm_Plan881, S_Tiles, TiltOtix, Toptile, Trixim, Tri_Q, TunnelsAndTrolls, TurboPrint_DE, twittAmiga, UltimateGloomISO, webptools044_a68k, whois, WormWars, WWorth_fincats, XoXo, xxd, ZombieMassacreISO

cabextract_MOS, EvenMore_MOS, gnuplot-MOS, jhead-mos, potrace-mos, WormWarsMOS

BoingsWorld Podcast episodes 69 and 70

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