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Amiga / Literature / Amiga Future
Literature / Magazines / Amiga Future

Amiga Future 104

Amiga Future 104

+++ English issue sold out +++

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).


GBA1000@060, Cropky, TORCS, Speed Dreams, GlowTrack, Solomon's Key, Hunesion, Magic Boy, Age of Thieves, MACE, Paradise Lost, YAM, Fastview, AmigaOS 4 Dockies, NetBSD, WinUAE, FSUAE, AEROS on Raspberry Pi

Amiga Scene, Classic Reflections (11): MacroSystem

Programming AmigaOS 4 part 2

Interview Till Harbaum (MIST), Show Report Silicon Dreams & Vintage Computer Festival 2013 12, Editorial, Contents, News, Imprint, Content Cover CD, Letters to the Editor, Preview97 (July/August 2012)

Cover CD:

Boing, DawnPatrol, DOpus V.5.82a, MagicBoy

Public Domain:
  • AmigaOS4: a-ftp_server, adripper, decss, easyuae, fastcompress, fastview, flippaper, gtuner, hurrican, iconsreworked3, photo-blanker, poff, ReportPlus-OS4, screengrab, tod, tuneaac_plug, vacuum, warzone2100, xsane, yam, YAM28p1-AmigaOS4
  • AROS: flare_0_18_aros_src.tar, YAM28p1-AROS-ppc, YAM28p1-AROS-x86_64
  • Classic: 7eMezPaz_ita, amiganitzu, Angoes, Ballounes, beobachte-ebay, BoardsLib, CapsTestPPC, CTLG2CT, D1X_Rebirth, D1X_Rebirth_src, DevInfos, Foreach_igracki, hotot, IconLib_46.4, InterBall, kulki, MySquare, nrg2cue, ReportPlus, ScummVM_ECS_030, SoliTri, Tanglink, Triom, ViewModule, WormWarsSP, YAM28p1-AmigaOS3
  • MorphOS: ReportPlusMOS, YAM28p1-MorphOS
  • Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast episodes 41 and 42

Current issue: 116 (September/October 2015)

Previous English issues: 103 (July/August 2013), 102 (May/June 2013), 101 (March/April 2013).


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Special trial offer Special trial offer, only together with other items: Amiga Future 104 (September/October 2013 GERMAN), full colour, without CD-ROM
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Special trial offer Special trial offer, only together with other items: Amiga Future 104 (September/October 2013, ENGLISH), full colour, without CD-ROM
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