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Qty Item Price EUR
(incl. VAT)
2.5" IDE cable, 14 cm 4.50 4.50
Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer 1972-2015, new edition (GERMAN LANGUAGE!) 29.80 29.80
Joysticks - Eine illustrierte Geschichte der Game-Controller 1972-2004 (GERMAN book, 144 pages, completely coloured) 17.80 17.80
Diamonds and Pearls - Grafik Volume Nr. 1, bootable on CD32 [Workbench 3.0] (CD32/CD-ROM) 3.90 3.90
2.5" IDE cable, 25 cm 5.40 5.40
C64/C128 Parallel Interface, Connects Centronics Printers to IEC
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
19.90 19.90
2.5" IDE cable, 30 cm 5.90 5.90
2.5" IDE cable, 45 cm 7.40 7.40
2.5" IDE cable with 3 connectors (for two drives), 20 cm (3+17 cm) 6.90 6.90
2.5" IDE cable with 3 connectors (for two drives), 30 cm (3+27 cm) 7.90 7.90
4-Port USB2.0 Mini Hub, Black, incl. External Power Supply 5V/2A and USB Cable 8.69 8.69
Meine Erinnerungen an Commodore und Amiga, the memoir of Petro Taras Tyschtschenko, GERMAN book (200 pages, ca. 80 images, signed by P.T.)
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
24.90 24.90
13-Port USB2.0 Hub Logilink UA0126 incl. External Power Supply 15.99 15.99
Workbench 3.1 Disk Set: Install, Workbench, Locale, Extras, Fonts and Storage 3.1 (Amiga/6 diskettes) w/ coloured Diskbox
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
16.50 16.50
Enclosure for ODROID-C2/C1+, blue 6.95 6.95
Coffee Mug "Interflug Luftverkehr" 7.99 7.99
3D Images (Amiga/CD-ROM) 5.90 5.90
3D GFX (Amiga/CD-ROM) 5.90 5.90
ODROID-C0 Miniature Computer w/ Amlogic S805 Cortex-A5 1.5 GHz QuadCore CPU and 1 GB RAM 35.60 35.60
Suptronics X205 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board with RS485, RS232, 3x USB Hub, USB Sound Card, WiFi, RTC, IR Receiver
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51.90 51.90
10 key bases incl. 10 springs 8.90 8.90
MegaMouse Plus, Three Button Mouse with 400 dpi (NOS)
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
21.90 21.90
Commodore Gaming Mouse Mat 11.90 11.90
4 Player Adapter for the Parallel Port 11.69 11.69
Amiga Future 132 (May/June 2018, GERMAN) incl. CD-ROM (full colour)
Delivery directly from the publisher. Postage is EUR 2.00 if ordered without other products, otherwise our standard shipping costs apply (only in Germany unless stated otherwise in the item description).
9.50 9.50
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6.90 6.90
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  Bank Transfer
Total Amount: 360.51
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MegaMouse PlusMegaMouse Plus, Three Button Mouse with 400 dpi (NOS)

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